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The Bar Book is the unofficial journal of the club. It is a small notebook that's kept behind the bar at the ADC Theatre into which quotes, award nominations and other amusing content may be written. Once it's full, the Chief will take the Bar Book to the University Library to be archived. While the Bar Book consists of writing for the most part, it is not unusual to find things such as gobos, gels, dinner menus, rig plans and photographs affixed to its pages. There is a standing rule that all entries in the Bar Book must be signed and entries without signatures regularly attract annotation!

One tradition of the SoD is to memorialise meet-ups by keeping a 'pissed list' as a record of everyone who turned up. This is written up by passing the Bar Book around those present and getting each person to sign their name. This usually then degenerates into listing various other 'pissed' things in the building such as sloping floors, wonky fixtures & fittings, poor carpentry etc.